Subspecialty Certification in Medical Toxicology

The following training requirements must be completed before a candidate may sit for the Written Exam for subspecialty certification in Medical Toxicology.

  • Be a diplomate of the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine.
  • Have completed an AOA-recognized training program in Medical Toxicology.
  • Hold an active license to practice emergency medicine in the state or territory where you practice before and during the certification process.
  • Be an AOA member in good standing for at least 12 months immediately prior to the date of certification.
  • Adhere to the AOA Code of Ethics.
  • Demonstrate eligibility for examination in any other manner required by the board.

Written Exam

The Written Exam in Medical Toxicology is offered in November each year at the AOA’s office in downtown Chicago. The cost is $600.

Exam Content Outline

The exam is in a multiple choice format, with most questions directing candidates to choose the one best answer among five possible answers. Candidates will have three hours to answer 150 questions.

Exam Scoring

The AOBEM sets passing standards for the Written Exam using a measurement model known as “criterion-referenced standard setting.” Using this model, the board specifies the particular content and level of content difficulty necessary to be considered a passing candidate.

All examination results will be reviewed by the board. Results will be released electronically through the AOBEM’s application portal.