Longitudinal Assessment


The AOBNP has transitioned away from the traditional 10-year high-stakes recertification exam  to a longitudinal assessment model for continuous certification of the Neurology and Psychiatry primary certifications. The longitudinal assessment will provide high-quality, effective evaluation while allowing greater flexibility for physicians meeting the OCC Component 3 requirement.

The AOBNP longitudinal assessment will be administered through the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners’ (NBOME) CATALYST platform. The longitudinal assessment was developed and designed to give diplomates more convenient access to relevant questions and to allow diplomates the freedom to select questions relevant to their specialty in a customized process, all while keeping the true spirit of “continuous learning.”

Longitudinal Assessment Registration

Diplomates with a 10-year certification:
Diplomates currently holding an active primary certification in Neurology or Psychiatry must register for the longitudinal assessment annually. Registration opens in the fall prior to the following year’s assessment. Diplomates will be required to begin the longitudinal assessment in the expiration year of their current 10-year certificate.

Diplomates newly certified:
Diplomates who have received their certification in Neurology or Psychiatry on or after Jan 1, 2020, are not required to register and begin participation in the AOBNP longitudinal assessment program for one calendar after receiving their certification. After one full calendar year following the issue date of the initial primary certification, diplomates will need to register for the AOBNP’s longitudinal assessment during the next available registration year and begin the longitudinal assessment the following year (i.e., A diplomate is certified in Spring 2021; this diplomate must register for the AOBNP’s longitudinal assessment in the Fall of 2022 and begin the longitudinal assessment in 2023).