Where should I take my remote examination?

The exam should be taken in a quiet place away from all distractions. Taking the exam at a hospital location is strongly discouraged, as hospital settings have very strong restrictions on the Wi-Fi and network that may cause technical issues and not allow you to complete the exam. Please make yourself aware of any network or device restrictions should you choose to take the exam at your work or hospital office or if you will be using a work/hospital issued laptop. PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you do not use a work/hospital issued laptop, as this may cause issues that can only be addressed by your IT department.

Can I have paper and pencil to take notes?

An electronic scratch pad/area for notes is available on the exam platform.

Can I have food or drinks during my exam?

With the exception of bottled water (label removed), food and drinks may only be consumed during scheduled break times unless you have an approved accommodation for the exam. If you have questions regarding allowable items or exam breaks, please contact your AOA Certifying Board.

What type of identification is required?

A valid government-issued ID is required. The name listed on the exam application must be identical to the name listed on the government-issued ID.

You will also need to confirm your AOA ID number with your exam proctor when connecting, so please be sure to have this information available.

Will the online testing service have access to the files of the computer used to take the exam?

No. The online testing service cannot access computer files. The online remote proctored program and its applications associated with the program are the only programs that will be accessed.

Can I access the exam platform to test my computer in advance of my exam?

Yes. A pre-test technical and setup check is available to all candidates. It is strongly encouraged that the pre-test technical and setup check is performed at least two weeks before the actual administration of the exam.

Will I be able to change an answer during the exam?

Yes. Candidates will have the ability to change a given answer during the exam and prior to any scheduled or optional breaks. It should be noted that once the submit button is clicked, candidates will not be able to return to the section to change a submitted answer.

When will the exam results be available?

Exam results are made available no more than 90 days after the examination date. When possible, exams results may be released earlier within the 90 day window.

What should I expect on the day the exam is scheduled to be administered?

Exam check-in process:

  1. Candidates are asked to check into the exam 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the exam. Candidates may check into the exam no more than 15 minutes after the scheduled exam appointment time. After 15 minutes, the candidate will be considered a “no show.”
  2. Testing of the computer’s microphone, webcam and audio that will be used to take the exam.
  3. Verification of government-issued ID (please note that the name listed on the exam application must be identical to the name listed on the government-issued ID).
  4. Candidates will be asked to show/scan the testing environment where the exam will be taken (please note that extra computer monitors are not permitted).
  5. Pre-test technical check and set-up.

After each step noted above is completed, the candidate will be placed in a queue for administration of the exam. Most candidates begin their exam within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment time.

During the exam:

  1. Once the exam begins, candidates are not allowed to leave their seat or exam area to make adjustments to the workspace (such as turning lights on or off) while the exam is in progress.
  2. Candidates are only allowed to leave the exam area during scheduled breaks. Please contact your specialty board to determine your allotted break times.
What if I lose internet connection during my exam?

If disconnected from the proctored exam, you should first attempt to reconnect. Candidates will be able to connect with the proctor using the telephone allowed in the workspace. If you continue to experience issues, are not able to reconnect and/or connect with the proctor call MonitorEDU support line directly at (629) 235-7026.