Designed by physicians for physicians, AOA board certification ensures the advancement of clinical knowledge and skills—not just in the beginning, but throughout your entire career.

Find Your Specialty

Put the power of AOA board certification behind your practice.

Advance your career: AOA board certification is an important quality marker for patients, employers, insurers and regulators.

Practice whole-person care: Engage in continuous professional development that can lead to improved patient outcomes and experiences.

Stay up to date: Enhance your knowledge of clinical guidelines as the practice of medicine changes over time.

Reinforce your training: Confirm your commitment to the osteopathic philosophy of empathic, whole-person care.

Maintain your skills: Demonstrate excellence in your specialty throughout your career by participating in Osteopathic Continuous Certification.

Collaborate with like minds: Build knowledge alongside other physicians who consistently demonstrate excellence in clinical practice.

Improve clinical care: OCC ensures that new peer-reviewed research is translated into clinical practice improvements that benefit your patients.

Promote safety and efficiency: Gain skills and knowledge to minimize risk in your practice and improve overall coordination of care.