What is Canvas?

Canvas is a system that houses all of your documents. It will also be the way you upload all of your applications documentation and take your exams. Results are also posted in Canvas and certificates are uploaded for safekeeping.

Why do I need a login for Canvas?

Canvas is protected and requires a login for security reasons. All testing is done in Canvas and only those who actually need Canvas will be given access. To get set up in Canvas, you’ll need to request a login and then log in to the Canvas system.

Do I have to use Canvas?

Yes, if you want to recertify, you must use Canvas.

Are OCAT and OCC different things?

Yes, OCAT and OCC are different things. If you register for OCAT, it does not mean you are registered for OCC. Also, there are separate fees for each.

How often must I complete OCAT modules?

OCAT practice performance modules and communication modules must be done one each every 5 years in accordance with your time dated certificate cycle. OCAT is a separate fee from OCC.

How often must I register for OCC?

Diplomates register for OCC every 3 years in conjunction with the AOA CME cycle. To see if you have done your OCC registration for this cycle, please log in to Canvas at http://aobd.instructure.com and go to the Osteopathic Continuous Certification course to view your assignments.

How do I register for OCC?

1. First, fill out the online application form. This form will allow us to create your Canvas login, but it does not indicate that you have registered for OCC.

2. Once you receive via email your login information, go to http://aobd.instructure.com. Log in using the credentials indicated in the email. If you did not receive an email within 2 days of filling out the form, first check your spam. If there is no email there, contact brthompson@atsu.edu.

3. Once you have logged in to Canvas, you must complete the 2 forms and complete your payment. The payment is done through an external site. Once your payment is confirmed it will be marked for you in Canvas.

How should I submit OCC documents?

Please upload your documents directly into Canvas. If you fax them, email them or mail them in, it will delay your registration process.

Does the AOBD accept digital signatures on documentation?

No. Only original signatures are accepted due to the nature and importance of the materials that are being signed.