Component 2: Lifelong Learning/Continuing Medical Education


Component 2 of the Osteopathic Continuous Certification process requires recertifying physicians to pursue lifelong learning through continuing medical education.

To complete Component 2 requirements in the primary specialty of Dermatology during the 2019-2021 AOA CME cycle, diplomates must earn 60 CME credits. Of the 60 credits, 15 credits must be Category 1-A CME. Diplomates with non-time-limited certificates (who are not voluntarily participating in OCC) must complete 120 CME credits in the 2019-2021 AOA CME cycle. You can view your status for all OCC components, including Component 2, by logging into the AOA Physician Portal.

The requirement for the 2016-2018 CME cycle and earlier for all diplomates was 50 specialty specific CME credits (Category 1 or 2). For subspecialty certification, 25 of the CME credits must have been in their subspecialty.