Certifying Board Services reorganization and leadership updates

"Committed to proactive communication and transparency as pillars for earned trust.”

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The following is AOA’s Certifying Board Services’ new leadership structure as of Jan. 7, 2020. This reorganization generates significant departmental cost savings.

“AOA’s Certifying Board Services’ new leadership and staff are committed to proactive communication and transparency as pillars for earned trust,” says Raymond M, Depa, DO, Chair, Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists.

Senior Vice President: Genie James, MMSc

Genie joined the AOA as Senior Vice President of Certifying Board Services (CBS) in September 2019. Moving into this leadership role, she leans on extensive experience in healthcare operations to build teams committed to operational excellence for the benefit of CBS. According to Genie, “It was quickly evident that the talent needed for CBS to move into a new dimension of accountability and success already resided within CBS and the AOA.

“This reorganization is uniquely exciting because we are rewarding stand-out professionals already passionate about our osteopathic mission. More, CBS’ momentum for moving forward will not be subject to the unavoidable time-drag associated with bringing new persons up-to-speed on our business model, operational platforms, priorities for improvement and opportunities for market share growth. 2020 is CBS’ year to do things differently and prove our value to all the physicians we serve. Now we have the team to make the ‘right’ things happen.”

Genie can be reached at or ext. 8084.

Associate Vice President, Psychometrics/Test Services: Maria Incrocci, PhD

Maria joined CBS in 2018. Since her arrival, she has built an in-house team of psychometricians and test development professionals while also focusing on improving examination quality and using technology to launch innovative models for test administration. For several months prior to Genie James coming on board, Maria stepped into an additional hands-on operations role, overseeing the goals and activities of all board directors.

Maria can be reached at or ext. 8098.

Associate Vice President of Operations: Daniel Hart

Danny previously served as a CBS Director for AOBIM. Working closely with the Board’s physician leaders, Danny has catalyzed a movement towards standardization across not only Internal Medicine Primary Certification but also across AOBIM’s fourteen subspecialty and eight conjoints. CBS is excited for Danny’s keen eye recognizing opportunities for revenue optimization, expense reduction and operational best practices to translate across all the Boards we serve.

Danny can be reached at or ext. 8066.

Associate Vice President of Policy, Interdepartmental Communications and Strategic Projects: Chaunessie Baggett

This is a new position within the CBS leadership team. One area of opportunity for improvement within CBS is the communication and transparency in our transactions with the AOA Certification Boards and key external stakeholders. With Chaunessie’s depth of knowledge of the AOA, as well as the foundation of earned trust with established with physician leadership within the profession over the years, CBS eagerly looks forward to her joining the team with a commitment to shift that perception through a new lens of reality.

Chaunessie can be reached at or ext. 8017.

Director, BOS Secretary: Jessica Seiler

Jessica previously served the BOS as a Manager. The former BOS Secretary moved on to other professional opportunities two weeks before the BOS Summit in November 2019. Jessica stepped up, oversaw and orchestrated what was one of the most successful BOS meetings to date. Jessica makes it a priority to keep leadership abreast of the mechanisms for new policy review and approval.

Jessica can be reached at or ext. 8281.

Assistant Director, Executive Administration: Riley Jou

In addition to providing assistance to the Genie James, the SVP of CBS, Riley continued successfully fulfilling her responsibilities as an AOBIM Specialist while also temporarily assisting in the roll of an AOBEM Specialist. Riley is training in and has an affinity for project management. This valuable talent combined with Riley’s proven ability to multi-task with a smile is a significant asset to the department and the AOA as CBS moves forward to launch its Physician-to-Physician Ambassador Program this spring.

Riley can be reached at or ext. 8061.