Find out if you qualify for licensure through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission is now accepting applications from qualified physicians seeking multiple licenses in participating states.

So far, 18 states have adopted the Compact, according to the Federation of State Medicine Boards. Legislation in favor of a pathway for license portability has been introduced in at least eight additional states. To learn more about whether you qualify, take a one-minute quiz on The DO.

In order to qualify for expedited licensure via the Compact, a physician must:

  • Hold a full, unrestricted medical license in a Compact member state AND at least one of the following must apply:
    Your primary residence is in the state of principal licensure (SPL).
    At least 25% of your practice occurs in the SPL.
    Your employer is located in the SPL.
    You use the SPL as your state of residence for U.S. federal income tax purposes.
  • Have graduate from an accredited medical school, or a school listed in the international Medical Education Directory
  • Successfully completed an AOA or ACGME-accredited GME program.
  • Passed each component of the COMLEX-USA, USMLE, or equivalent in no more than three attempts.
  • Hold a current AOA or ABMS specialty or time-unlimited board certification.
  • Have no disciplinary  or controlled substance actions toward a medical license.
  • Have no criminal history.
  • Not currently be under investigation.