Component 3: Cognitive Assessment

Launch of Longitudinal Assessment on CATALYST

The Addiction Medicine Conjoint will no longer administer the traditional high-stakes exam taken by its diplomates at least once every ten years to fulfill the Component 3 requirement of Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC). Diplomates will now be required to participate in the Addiction Medicine Longitudinal Assessment (LA) to fulfill the Component 3 requirement of OCC.

Longitudinal Assessment (LA) Schedule
Expiration Year Register for LA Begin LA

Oct. 2023


Oct. 2029


Oct. 2030


Oct. 2031


Oct. 2024


2024 Longitudinal Assessment References

The Addiction Medicine longitudinal assessment is an “open book” assessment. If an article is free and accessible electronically, you will have the opportunity to read it via the direct links. In most situations, even if an article is not free, the Diplomate and/or their organization may be a subscriber to the publishing company and will not have any difficulty accessing the content. For some of the articles, a cited reference reading list is made available and posted on the Addiction Medicine website. The Diplomate is responsible for obtaining these articles. While not mandatory, we do encourage you to read the articles in advance to prepare. Direct links to referenced articles are provided by the board, in addition to cited references.

The assessment is configured so that you have two attempts at the questions and are given the rationale for the correct answer upon responding. If there is an article that is hard for you to obtain, you may use the testing process to gain insight into the question and answer.

The following references are provided as a preparation tool for the 2024 Longitudinal Assessment.