Component 3: Cognitive Assessment


To complete Component 3 requirements for Osteopathic Continuous Certification in the subspecialty of Addiction Medicine, a physician must pass a written examination once per 10-year OCC cycle.

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Exam Process and Dates

The American Osteopathic Conjoint Addiction Medicine Examination Committee offers the OCC (Recert) Addiction Medicine Exam once a year.

Failure to successfully complete the OCC process will result in the loss of certification when their current certification expires.

Please check our Important Dates for the upcoming schedule.

OCC (Recert) Addiction Medicine Exam Content

The AOCAM uses MonitorEdu to administer the exam online.

There are 100 single answer multiple-choice questions on the exam. The exam is 2 and a half hours with one 15 minute break built in. Candidates are not permitted to leave the building during breaks. Candidates may access personal items such as medication and food only if necessary.

Subspecialty Certification
1. Pharmacology
  • 24%
2. Epidemiology and Genetics 18%
3. Treatment
  • 15%
4. Legal Aspects
  • 14%
5. Diagnosis
  • 12%
6. Special Populations
  • 11%
7. Prevention
  • 6%

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Exam Fees

An exam fee of $1500 must be submitted with your completed application. No application will be considered complete until all fees have been paid.

An additional non-refundable late fee of $500 must be submitted with application based on published submission deadlines. Late fees are typically applied 45 days before the testing window. Check important dates for current schedule.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing and a cancellation processing fee will be assessed. Please review the cancellation policy.

Exam Scoring

The AOCAM sets passing standards for the OCC (Recert) Addiction Medicine examination using a measurement model known as “Dichotomous scoring.” Using this model, the board specifies the particular content and level of content difficulty necessary to be considered a passing candidate. All examination results will be reviewed by the conjoint committee. Candidates are informed of results by email within 8 weeks.

Exam Failure

Candidates who do not pass the examination may apply for reexamination at the next available administration for as long as the candidate’s certification remains active. If the candidate’s certification expires, the candidate will have a grace period of three years from the expiration date to rectify any missing components of their OCC including the OCC (Recert) Addiction Medicine Exam.