Practice Performance Assessment – PPA (Component 4): Practice Performance Assessment & Improvement


The AOBA understands that many physicians participate in quality improvement programs through their employer. Therefore, we have developed an online attestation form which will allow AOBA diplomates to attest to participating in a quality improvement program. Note that to access the attestation form and answers to frequently asked questions, you must log in to the AOA Physician Portal.

The AOBA requires that physicians complete one Quality Improvement (QI) activity attestation every three-year CME Cycle. We are currently in the 2019-2021 CME Cycle.

The AOBA will conduct future audits to ensure the attestations are accurate. If you have already completed Component 4 by submitting case logs via Specialty Benchmarks you will not need to complete the attestation form. If you have not participated in a quality improvement activity, you are required to submit case log forms for all cases you are responsible for (either personally or under direction) for a period of two months, or 170 cases. Data will be analyzed and compared to national benchmarks by an independent party, Specialty Benchmarks. Physicians will receive a report for each year data is collected. The AOBA will also provide a review form to the Medical Staff Department of your primary place of practice. The form is intended to evaluate your interpersonal/communication skills, professionalism and system-based practice.