AOBEM Launches New Osteopathic Continuous Certification Examination

The American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (AOBEM) is pleased to announce the launch of its new annual Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC) examination. The Continuous Osteopathic Recertification Examination (CORE) will replace the high stakes, 10 year examination also known as the Cognitive Assessment Recertification Examination.


CORE, the new annual OCC for AOBEM, is administered online 24/7 and can be taken at home or in the office. It is an open book examination where diplomates are encouraged to use the educational resources typically available in the Emergency Department. CORE has a total of 40 to 60 multiple-choice questions, based on two to three main content areas from the AOBEM Table of Specifications (TOS) and four current practice changing articles.

Two sections are available once logged in:

  • Section One includes two required core content modules.
  • Section Two has eight article-based modules. Of the eight article-based modules, the diplomate is required to take and pass four modules.

After completing all six modules (two core content and four article-based), the diplomate will be required to complete a short survey to receive their certificate of completion.


Registration: Registration is available on the AOBEM Exams page. Once you register for CORE, allow 5-7 business days to receive access. You will be notified by AOBEM staff via the email address provided during registration. The final deadline to apply for CORE is Dec. 1 of each calendar year.

Cost: The annual fee for CORE is $210.

How CORE works: Once registered for CORE, the diplomate has until the end of the CORE administration year to complete the necessary modules. Ex: CORE 2020 must be completed by Dec. 31, 2020.

  • The module can be reviewed after it is completed.
  • The correct and incorrect answers are visible.The correct answer will not be shown for questions answered incorrectly.
  • Each module requires a 75% to pass.
  • Module questions are shuffled per diplomate. No diplomate will have the same questions in the same order.
    • After the first attempt the questions will not reshuffle.
  • Each module allows three attempts.
    • The diplomate must wait one week after each attempt before reattempting the same module. Consider this when attempting modules near the December 31 deadline.
    • The diplomate has the option to move on to a different module, if available, without a delay.

Want to learn more? access a detailed phase-in plan, CORE eligibility requirements, FAQs and application instructions in our OCC Component 3 section.

Questions? Please contact AOBEM at aobem@osteopathic.org.