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Component 2: Lifelong Learning/CME (COLA Modules)


Component 2 of the Osteopathic Continuous Certification process requires recertifying physicians to pursue lifelong learning through continuing medical education.

Emergency Medicine

CME Requirement
To complete Component 2 requirements in the primary specialty of Emergency Medicine, a physician must earn 60 CME credits per AOA CME cycle. AOA specialty certifying boards will not require diplomates to obtain specialty-specific CME during the 2019-2021 CME cycle. Please report and review your CME on the Physician Portal.

View the 2019-2021 CME Guide for more information.

COLA Modules

The COLA modules are available on the AOA Online Learning Platform. The platform is used to purchase and complete the COLA modules. The online learning platform has hundreds of on-demand CME activities and educational programs designed to build your skills and knowledge.

The AOA Online Learning Platform’s benefits include:

  • Immediate access to your COLA module: After purchasing online you can start taking the COLA right away.
  • CME posting within 24 business hours: After passing the COLA with a score of 75 or above, the CME will be posted on your report within 24 business hours. A certificate of completion will be available immediately for print or download.
  • Activity posts on the AOA Physician Portal within 24 hours: After passing the module your Physician Portal will be updated within 24 business hours.

COLA Requirement

  • If your certification expires in 2019 or earlier, you must take 8 COLA modules and pass at least 6.
  • If your certification expires in 2020 or after, you are eligible to participate in CORE, the new annual OCC assessment that replaces the high stakes 10-year written cognitive exam. Please view the AOBEM Core Phase-in plan on the CORE homepage to learn more about your COLA requirement.

COLA modules cost $105 when they’re first posted, with one new module posted every year. Once a COLA module has been posted for three years, the price doubles to $210. This is to encourage diplomates to take COLA modules frequently and complete them promptly. If you are unsuccessful in passing a COLA module after 3 attempts, you may pay the module fee again to receive another 3 opportunities to pass the module. Physicians receive 8 AOA 1-B CME credits for each COLA module they complete successfully. For each module you complete, the AOA will submit documentation on your behalf and note the CME credits you’ve earned.

Preparing to Take COLA Modules

Before taking your selected COLA modules, you can get familiar with the material by reading an outline of the topics covered in each module. You can also view the journal articles and other references used to develop each COLA module below: