When can I start taking CORE?

The year in which you start CORE will determine the number of COLA modules you will need to pass. CORE must begin in the expiration year if you have not already transitioned. Please refer to the AOBEM CORE Phase In Plan for more details.

How is CORE administered?

CORE is an online exam accessible from your home or office via the AOA Online Learning Platform. This platform is also used for completion of COLA modules and other online AOA CME activities. You may use the educational resources typically available to you in the emergency department. The exam must be completed alone.

How do I register for CORE?

Complete our online registration process. Within 5-7 business days of registration, you will receive an email that includes an access link and instructions for completing the exam.

What is the deadline to register for CORE?

The deadline for CORE registration is Nov. 15 of each year.

What is the fee for CORE?

The fee for CORE is included in the annual OCC fee of $210 per year. Payment is accepted via credit or debit card and is due at the time of registration. Please note: Checks are not accepted.

How much CME is awarded for passing CORE?

Upon passing the examination, 10 category 1B CME credits will be automatically applied to your CME activity report.

What happens if I don't pass CORE?

The exam consists of six sections that are graded individually. You must earn a score of 75% or greater for each section of the exam. Once you pass a section, you will no longer be required to retake that component. You will have three total attempts each year to pass all sections of the exam. If you fail the CORE exam after three attempts, you will be required to pass the initial certification examination to reenter the certification process.

After passing CORE, do I still need to take COLA modules?

No, COLA modules are no longer required upon passing CORE.

I just re-certified in 2019, when do I have to enter CORE?

You can continue taking 8 COLA modules over the next 10 years or immediately enter into CORE in 2020 or 2021 without a COLA requirement. Please refer to the phase-in plan under the 2029-2031 expiration year to view your options.

I purchased COLA modules I no longer need for certification. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds are not available for COLA modules. However, the modules can still be completed for CME credit.

I have a subspecialty certification in Emergency Medical Services or Medical Toxicology. How do I maintain my subspecialty certification?

Diplomates holding subspecialty certificates in Emergency Medical Services or Medical Toxicology will still take a 10-year recertification examination to maintain their subspecialty certification. The AOBEM is exploring alternative methods of delivery for this examination, including in-home proctoring. Please contact us with questions regarding subspecialty certification.

Is CORE timed?

No part of CORE is timed. You may complete each module at your own pace within the calendar year.

Can I start a CORE module and then come back to it?

Yes. If you have completed a question and moved on to the next question you may exit the module and come back to it later.

Once I enter CORE do I still have to take COLA modules?

No, once you enter CORE you will no longer need to take COLA modules.

I purchased COLA modules on Exam Professor that I did not take; how can I access them?

Please email the AOBEM staff (aobem@osteopathic.org) to have your modules transferred over to the AOA online learning system. Please include your name and AOA ID in your email.

I purchased and completed COLA modules on Exam Professor, how do I access those modules?

In early 2019 communication went out to all diplomates to please complete any COLA modules in Exam Professor before the contract with the vendor expired on May 31, 2019. AOBEM has not had access to Exam Professor since May 31, 2019. The COLA completions are recorded on your account at https://physicianportal.osteopathic.org/ but the actual modules are no longer available.

How do I access the articles for CORE?

The article-based modules used in CORE are accompanied by a reference PDF of where the articles are located. It is up to the candidate to obtain the articles needed for the article-based modules they choose.