Osteopathic medical profession adds 6,000 new DOs in 2017

The osteopathic profession continues more than a decade of exponential growth. The American Osteopathic Association reports an 85 percent increase in osteopathic medical students since 2007, bringing the total number of DOs and students to 137,099 in 2017. The exponential growth in the profession aligns with the development of new osteopathic medical schools, which now … Continued

AOA names Daniel Williams, DO, vice president of certifying board services

Daniel G. Williams, DO, has been named the American Osteopathic Association’s (AOA) new vice president of certifying board services. In his new role, Dr. Williams will lead the association’s 18 osteopathic certifying boards. He also will oversee the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists and the AOA certification staff team. A former vice chair of the Bureau … Continued

Expert leader and longtime teacher from Texas becomes AOA President

When he speaks to osteopathic medical students, Mark A. Baker, DO, likes to quote Timbuk3, the ’80s one-hit wonder who penned “The Future’s So Bright.” “I tell our students that the future of osteopathic medicine is so bright, they need to wear shades,” he says, often playing the song and swapping his horn-rimmed spectacles for … Continued

JAOA publishes statistics on Osteopathic Board Certification

The AOA’s Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists (BOS) continues to see an increase in the number of DOs seeking osteopathic board certification. According to the most recent statistics on osteopathic board certification, published in the April issue of The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA), 29,646 DOs held 34,555 active certificates in 2016, an 8.4% increase in … Continued

Find out if you qualify for licensure through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission is now accepting applications from qualified physicians seeking multiple licenses in participating states. So far, 18 states have adopted the Compact, according to the Federation of State Medicine Boards. Legislation in favor of a pathway for license portability has been introduced in at least eight additional states. To learn … Continued