In 2021, the American Osteopathic Board of Pediatrics announced the transition to a longitudinal assessment model designed to replace the traditional high stakes written recertification exam previously required for Component 3 of Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC).

Once you begin the program, annual participation is required to receive a new reverification date for your board certification. Two six-month assessment segments will take place each calendar year, during which participants will need to answer 15 questions. Participants will answer 30 items each year and must achieve a pass rate of 70%. The 2021-2023 program requires a total of 90 questions over the course of the entire assessment cycle (three years).

Longitudinal assessment enhances convenience and flexibility by leveraging technology to facilitate continuous learning through more frequent, shorter assessments relevant to your specialty training and career, delivered via a remote online learning platform.

The AOBP longitudinal assessment is administered via the CATALYST platform, hosted by the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners. The platform is easily accessible from your computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile app. View frequently asked questions for more information.

Longitudinal Assessment Registration

If you hold primary certification in general pediatrics, please follow the guidelines below to determine when you should register for longitudinal assessment:

  • If you hold an active 10-year certification in General Pediatrics:
    You are required to begin longitudinal assessment during the expiration year of your 10-year certificate. Once you begin the program, annual participation is mandatory. Applications should be submitted in the fall before your year of expiration. Registration opens in the summer prior to the start of the following year’s assessment.
  • If you were certified in General Pediatrics on or after Jan. 1, 2021:
    You are not required to begin participation in longitudinal assessment for one full calendar year after becoming board certified. One year from the issue date of your initial primary certification, you will be required to register during the next available registration cycle and begin participation in longitudinal assessment the following year. Example: If you received initial certification in Spring 2021, you would register for longitudinal assessment in Fall 2022 and begin participation in 2023.

Questions will be untimed and administered via the online CATALYST platform. There are 30 items provided each year. You are permitted to use resources to answer the questions. After completing the assessment, you may review any incorrect items, read through the rationale and view the correct answer. When the first attempt period closes, the correct answers will no longer be viewable. References are only viewable during the open period. During the re-attempt period, you will be able to redo any questions answered incorrectly to raise your score.

Incorrect answers:

You will be given a second attempt to answer any missed or incorrectly answered questions from the previous segment during the re-attempt period of each segment. The re-attempt period is only available if you participated in the initial segment.

Segment time frames:

  • Segment 1: Jan. 11 – June 15 (first set of 15 items)
    Segment 1 Re-Attempt Period: June 16 – June 30 (re-attempt to answer any missed or incorrectly answered items from Segment 1; not available if you did not participate in Segment 1)
  • Segment 2: July 1 – Oct. 15 (second set of 15 items)
    Segment 2 Re-Attempt Period: Oct. 16 – Oct. 31 (re-attempt to answer any missed or incorrectly answered items from Segment 2; not available if you did not participate in Segment 2)

Longitudinal Assessment Content

The AOBP longitudinal assessment will include the content areas within each listed year as noted below:

AOBP Longitudinal Assessment Table of Specifications
2024 2025
Emergency Medicine/Critical Care Cardiology
Nephrology/Urology Endocrinology
Dermatology Infectious Diseases
Pain/Fluid Management/Pharmacology

Educational Resources:

The following list of optional courses and study aids is provided to assist with completion the longitudinal assessment:

The following references are provided as a preparation tool for the 2024 Longitudinal Assessment:

Please note that participants are responsible for any costs associated with participation in these programs.

Longitudinal Assessment Scoring

The AOBP requires two scores for successful completion of longitudinal assessment with a three-year cumulative score over 70% pass point.

Longitudinal Assessment Fees

Registration is required each year of the longitudinal assessment three-year cycle. A $200 fee will be assessed annually at the time of registration.

  • Assessment fee: $200
  • Late fee: $200
  • Refund policy applies