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Volunteer Opportunities

The American Osteopathic Board of Surgery is actively searching for AOA-certified osteopathic physicians to assist the board in the following roles:

  • Examiners
  • Board Members
  • Subject Matter Experts


Examiners assist the board in the administration of oral and clinical examinations, which are now taking place virtually. Examiners may need to attend an orientation prior to serving. Prior to the live virtual exams, it is mandatory for Examiners to attend an orientation training session (approximately 1 hour). Examiners will receive CME credits for administering exams in addition to appropriate honoraria.

Call for Examiners:

The American Osteopathic Board of Surgery (AOBS) is currently looking for osteopathic surgeons to help administer the General and Specialty oral qualifying examinations. Our collective goal is to ensure that each candidate experiences an examination that is not only fairly conducted but professionally and respectably evaluated. The generous efforts of our dedicated volunteers serve to make this high-quality examination process possible.

Oral exams are continually scheduled throughout the calendar year, each fall and spring.

AOBS Oral Examiner Selection Criteria:

  1. Certified for a minimum of two (2) years.
  2. Passed all AOBS certification examinations without failure. Failure on any attempt to the exam either written or oral will automatically disqualify a volunteer examiner.

Applications will be accepted continuously and reviewed as received, at least monthly.  If selected as an AOBS Examiner, volunteers will be contacted for their commitment and for availability dependent upon the exam schedule and Board needs.


Board Members

Board members are charged with helping establish and maintain high standards for certification of osteopathic physicians in the practice of Surgery and other related subspecialties. They may be required to participate in writing exam items and in administering board exams. Participation on the board requires attendance at in-person meetings (travel expenses are reimbursed by the AOA) and conference calls as needed. Board members will receive CME for writing items, attending exam-related meetings and administering exams.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts(SMEs) work closely with board members and staff to develop exam items. Individuals who participate in exam writing will be required to complete AOA-provided item writing training. Physicians who participate in exam construction will earn CME.

If you’re interested in representing the osteopathic profession through one of these leadership roles, please complete a brief online application.