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Clinical Exam


In order to take both the Clinical and Oral Exams for primary certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a physician must:

  • Successfully pass the Written Exam for primary certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


Once requirements for eligibility are met, candidates must submit a completed application, fees and the following documentation:

  • Submit a log of segregated totals of all major operative cases from the start of practice to the submission date. Candidates who have been in practice longer than a year should submit logs for the most recent 10-month period (July – April). Logs must be submitted in accordance with the instructions and format supplied by the board. The submitted cases must have been performed consecutively. The candidate must be the surgeon of record on all cases submitted. The logs should demonstrate the candidate has managed and is capable of managing major complex surgical problems.
  • Submit a list of all mortalities with a brief synopsis of each case occurring during the same time period.

Exam Fees

There are no fees associated with the AOBS Clinical Exam for primary certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—the fee for the AOBS Oral Exam in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery includes the cost of the Clinical Exam.